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Loss, Light & Laughter

Loss, Light and Laughter is an inspirational show about laughter after tragedy. I believe when you’re laughing, you’re healing. Everyone has the ability to overcome obstacles in their lives. I guide each guest towards discovering their own inner strength, resilience with God and laughter through it all. Each guest has created a fulfilling and meaningful life after loss. I am here to help them share their triumph with the world.

Believer. Educator. Author. Speaker.

As a Believer of Jesus and one that radically experienced His mercy, I am focused on the bigger picture and I’m living a life of abundance.

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Michelle has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. She knows what it is like when life takes an unexpected turn. 

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When Scandal

Comes Home

Navigating the Darkness with the Light of Integrity
This riveting book tells the story behind the headlines from a spouse’s perspective. Anyone that has experienced a scandal is given the opportunity to process their thoughts, emotions and behaviors in a healthy way. Infused with honest truth, raw emotions and transparent faith, this story of breakthrough and redemption will be one that will ignite your faith and transform your heart!

“You can’t compete with a lie,

so don’t.”

– Michelle Thomas

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